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Our membership has grown from a very small base to a respectful 38 members as at the 1st August 2020. But, we are always looking for new members so if you think that croquet is a game played by, flamingo’s or elderly ladies hitting balls into the shrubbery and then having tea and cucumber sandwiches please think again, croquet has been described as a cross between snooker and chess played on grass, so your little grey cells are constantly put to the test…….

New members are most welcome and lessons are given before you start officially. We are able to provide mallets and all the other equipment needed to learn croquet, but if you wish to continue and join the club and maybe play in competitions, then you are encouraged to purchase your own mallet.

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0421 255 245



Milton Showground, Milton NSW

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PresidentRussell Megarrity0421 255
Club CaptainMaureen Greenwood
PublicityCheryl Fibbins
MemberHeather Thomson
MemberSandra Creighton
MemberMike Heighway
MemberTony DeFriend

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